COASTAL LANDSCAPING is a design/build firm offering services that address all aspects of planning and the landscape. Our approach focuses on understanding and then integrating the customized needs of individual clients and the attributes of their site into a design that maximizes the full potential of the space. We carry out all aspects of landscape construction and installation of our designs.

SITE PLANNING is the art of arranging structures on the land and shaping the spaces between them, an art linked to architecture, engineering, landscape architecture and city planning.

SITE PLANS locate objects and activities in space and time. These plans may concern a small cluster of houses, a single building and its grounds or something as extensive as a small community built in a single operation.
THE AIM OF SITE PLANNING is moral and aesthetic: to make places, which enhance everyday life.

LOCATION AND QUALITY OF SITE The sensed quality of a place is an essential element in the interaction between the form and the viewer. It is of course irrelevant in a drainage layout, but where people are, it is a crucial quality.
All too often this aspect of development is dealt with as a last minute effort, almost as an afterthought. This limits the usefulness of the landscape design and often leads to an unfocused look.
A simple, readable, well proportioned outdoor space is a powerful event.

GRADING AND DRAINAGE is an integral part of landscape planning and should be developed during the design phase of a project. Grading should create an efficient drainage system that carries water away from buildings and avoids ponding or erosion while requiring a minimum of swales and ditches.

THE PURPOSE OF GRADING is to ensure that the landform of a site provides suitable areas for specific uses such as well-drained terraces, gentle slopes for circulation routes and mounding for visual and audio privacy.

RETAINING EXISTING FEATURES Rocky outcrops, original slopes, water features, trees and shrubs should be retained where possible. The value of existing plant material depends on its health and life expectancy. An inventory and assessment of a site prior to clearing will add greatly to the visual value of a completed project.

OUR SPECIALTY Acreages, waterfronts, naturalistic settings and Japanese garden design processes.

OUR GOAL to educate our clients and give them the tools necessary to make informed decisions.


We offer full garden consulting and start to finish landscape construction services on the Sunshine Coast, the Lower Mainland. And across Canada for special projects.
- Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association